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Find .nebo files in your iOS device

We recommend you to back up or sync your notes regularly.

There are several tools available to access .nebo files on iOS: iMazing or iExplorer (free demo version).

In case of trouble or when Nebo does not open anymore (after an iOS upgrade for instance), you can still access your .nebo files with the iExplorer free demo version:

  • On your laptop, download iExplorer for macOS or iExplorer previous version for Windows.
  • Open iExplorer.
  • Plug your iPad to your laptop: a popup window will ask you to 'trust' the device.

You will then be able to browse Apps/Nebo folder to find your notebooks saved as .nebo files:

On Nebo 2.2:

  • In iExplorer\iPad[...]\Apps\Nebo\neboFiles\My collection.

On previous versions:

  • In iExplorer\iPad[...]\Apps\Nebo\Documents\XXXXXX....\My collection.
  • In iExplorer\iPad[...]\Apps\Nebo\Documents\_unregistered\My collection (if you are not signed in).

  • To backup a collection of notes on your laptop, right-click on each neboFiles subfolder in iExplorer and choose the 'Export to...' option
  • To import back a collection of notes from your laptop to Nebo, just drag and drop the folder (from your backup folder on your laptop) the following folder: iExplorer Apps\Nebo\Documents\neboFiles.

Warning: Deleting Nebo from your device will delete your notes as well.

Should you face any crash issues, you can submit a ticket and send us your .nebo files for testing purposes. We will analyze your notebook, try to recover your data and get back to you as soon as possible. If you agree to share your notes, please also add additional files that may help us troubleshoot (notebook-s-name-files).

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