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Sync with Google Drive or iCloud

Warning! Before a Nebo upgrade, please sync all your notebooks. If you automatically update your apps, regularly sync your notebooks to avoid losing any data.

Manual sync

Tap the sync icon to synchronize your notebooks. Automatic synchronization is not possible at the moment.

However, if a notebook is modified with another device, the sync icon will automatically switch to , letting you know you have to tap it to download the latest version.

Version and conflict management

In case of conflict between notebook versions, the most recent file is kept. If you use several devices, the most recent version of the notebook is the one that will be synchronized.


Google Drive does not allow you to view your notebooks. They are saved in a hidden location as *.nebo files, a Nebo-specific format that can only be opened in Nebo.


If a notebook is deleted locally, it will also be deleted in the cloud at next sync, and cannot be restored.


Notebooks and folders can be renamed or moved. Such changes are updated in the cloud at next sync. Next sync or immediate.

Enabling or disabling sync

In the settings menu, choose whether you want the sync feature to be Enabled or Disabled.


Open the main menu, choose Cloud, then Disconnect Google Drive/iCloud.

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