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Access synced files

To sync your notes, you have several options: you can do it with Google Drive or iCloud (iOS only) or Dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to see the synced folders, when Google Drive or iCloud don’t.

However, if you can see your synced folders in Dropbox, you cannot open them with any other app or software. You will need Nebo to do so. Whether you use Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox, your files are synced once you click on the sync button in Nebo. You will see a cloud icon with a tick in it, this indicates that the action has been completed.

If you have another device compatible with Nebo, connect your MyScript account to it, and you will see that you can import your notes from Google Drive or iCloud.

If you want to export your notes manually, here are the options: 

  • Export as .nebo in the Notebooks section.
  • Export as Word document at the page level.
  • Export as text at the page level.
  • Export as HTML at the page level. 

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