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About the sync feature

In Nebo, sync simply enables you to have your notes uploaded on all the devices on which you’ve set up sync. 

This means that if you’re writing on your iPad 2018, you can sync your notebook and find it back on your Samsung Chromebook Pro for instance. It’s a transfer of data through your cloud account, not a backup solution. We give you more information on backup further down in the article.

The cloud services you can use with Nebo:

  • Google Drive (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Dropbox (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • iCloud (iOS)

Now, why sync doesn't work as a backup?

Because when you delete a page, a notebook, or a collection in Nebo, your item is also deleted in the cloud, without any delay. 

The particularity of Dropbox:

Only Dropbox lets you see your .nebo files in the cloud and restore a notebook that has been deleted. To access this feature, follow the Dropbox instructions on how to recover deleted files.

With Dropbox, you can also restore a previous version of a notebook.

As for Google Drive and iCloud, they work without leaving a trace in the cloud interface: you can’t access nor manage your .nebo files from there. 

Sync can't be used to save notes but you can back up your notes outside Nebo. To do so, use the export feature and store your notes on your device. You can choose to export entire notebooks or to only export pages.

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