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Sync and back up your notes

Syncing and backing up your data are two very different processes that if confused can lead to data loss. So, what is the difference?

What is backing up?

What is syncing?

Backing-up is a process by which data is copied from one location to another as a file used for data storage purposes. This data can only be changed if the user opens the file and actively changes or deletes the data. In Nebo, this backup is stored as a .nebobackup file.
Syncing means that changes made to data stored in one location will be immediately reflected across all the devices or locations where that data is accessible.

How do I sync with iCloud?

How do I sync with Dropbox?

How do I sync with Google? 

Can I sync with other cloud services? 

How can I back up my notes? 

Please note that syncing is not included in the Nebo free version for iOS. To access syncing features, you will need to upgrade your Nebo app to the full version with a single in-app purchase.

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