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Nebo for Huawei

Nebo comes pre-installed on a number of Huawei devices, although the version of Nebo varies depending on the model.

Huawei M5 and M5 LiteNebo 1.7
Huawei MatePad ProNebo 2.6
Huawei M6 Nebo 2.6
Huawei's Mediapad
Nebo 2.6

The latest Nebo updates and features are only available with the paid-for version available in the PlayStore: 

If you intend to purchase the latest version of Nebo from the Playstore, please see here: upgrading Nebo on your Huawei device.

On Android, it is not possible to acces .nebo file outside Nebo. Some users reported us that Nebo for Huawei crashes at opening. This could be due to a damaged file.

If you had notes, and have not exported or synchronized, please try to 'Clear Cache' under the settings of your device: To do so, open the settings of your device, choose 'Manage Apps', search  Nebo, and tap 'Clear the cache' button

If the issue still persists, we are afraid it will not be possible to recover your notes, you will have to 'Clear the data' of Nebo to restart Nebo for Huawei normally.

Please be aware that if you uninstall Nebo for Huawei, the only way to get it back is to reset your device "Factory reset"

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