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Annotate PDFs in Nebo

In Nebo, you're free to mark up your PDFs however you wish. This includes writing, typing or pasting text, sketching arrows and figures, or highlighting the PDF text content. This guide will help you annotate PDFs like a pro using Nebo.

Getting started with PDF annotations

To begin annotating your PDF in Nebo, simply import the PDF file into Nebo and open it. For more information, see How to import files as PDFs.

Tip — Add blank pages to your PDF for more annotation space. Tap the ➕ icon in the top right corner of the toolbar, and select Blank page to insert a new page after the current one.

Create PDF annotations

Add and convert annotations

Nebo offers you various ways to annotate directly onto the PDF pages, using either your pen or the keyboard.

  • Write: use your pen to add handwritten notes you can convert to typed text.
  • Draw: sketch arrows, figures and diagrams you can convert to perfect shapes.
  • Type: activate the keyboard and type your annotations.

All handwritten content you add to your PDF can be converted to perfect text and shapes. For more information, see Convert handwriting to text and shapes in PDFs.

Select and edit annotations

At any time, use the Lasso tool to select and modify your PDF annotations: copy and paste, move and resize, delete, or change color. For more information, see How to edit annotations in PDFs.

Delete all annotations

You can remove all your annotations at once to clear up your PDF. Tap the  button in the top right corner of the toolbar, and choose Clear all annotations. This won't delete any added blank pages.

Highlight PDF text

With Nebo, you can highlight the PDF text itself or your own notes, using either your pen or text selection. You can also swiftly edit highlights to remove them or change their color. For more information, see How to highlight text in PDFs.

Add external content to PDFs

In Nebo, pasting or importing external content to your PDFs is straightforward, and can be freely moved and resized as blocks once added.

  • Text: long press with your finger anywhere on the PDF, and choose Paste to insert your text.
  • Images: take photos or import from your picture library into your PDF. For more information, see Importing and managing images.

In Nebo, importing PDFs instead of directly opening them from your file manager is intentional to maintain a smooth and organized workflow:

  1. Separation Between Original and Annotated PDFs:

    • When you import a PDF into Nebo, a new copy is created in the app's library. This allows you to annotate and work on the file without altering the original PDF in your file manager.
  2. Avoiding Confusion with File Versions:

    • Directly opening and annotating a PDF from the file manager might seem convenient but can lead to confusion. The imported file in Nebo functions as a .nebo file, with annotations visible only in Nebo until exported back to your file manager. This prevents discrepancies between versions in Nebo and the file manager.

This import process ensures your work in Nebo is well-organized, keeping original files safe and unaltered.

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