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  • Copy/paste math equations into a LaTeX editor

    Nebo allows you to copy/paste your Math objects into a LaTeX editor, and to obtain a LaTeX format. To do so: Tap your Math object to select it. Tap at t...

  • Export manually to the cloud

    Want to save your notes in the cloud without using the synchronization feature? You can do so by manually exporting your .nebo files. An in-app purchase is ...

  • Export a single page or multiple pages

    To export a single page on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, follow the steps below: Open the individual page you would like to export. In the ...

  • Export a notebook

    You can export an entire notebook as a PDF or Nebo (.nebo file). This means that to view and/or edit this notebook afterward, you'll need to open it wi...

  • Copy/paste diagrams to PowerPoint

    In a few taps, copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint: Note: On Android, please use the 'Export' option of the Diagram object

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