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  • Copy/paste math equations into a LaTeX editor

    Nebo allows you to copy/paste your Math objects into a LaTeX editor, and to obtain a LaTeX format. To do so: Tap your Math object to select it. Tap at t...

  • Export manually to the cloud

    Want to save your notes in the cloud without using the synchronization feature? You can do so by manually exporting your .nebo files. This is also a great s...

  • Export a single page or multiple pages

    To export a single page on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, follow the steps below: Open the individual page you would like to export. In the top right...

  • Export a notebook

    You can export an entire notebook as a PDF or Nebo (.nebo file). This means that to view and/or edit this notebook afterward, you'll need to open it wi...

  • Copy/paste diagrams to PowerPoint

    In a few taps, copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint: Note: On Android, please use the 'Export' option of the Diagram object

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