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Submitting a support ticket

What happens when you submit a ticket to Nebo support?

All tickets are assigned to our agents by a ticket filtration system which prioritizes tickets according to a specific set of criteria: 

  1. Tickets concerning lost notes or a page that may have issues are considered high priority tickets and our support team will do their best to respond to these tickets as quickly as possible.
  2. Tickets submitted by Nebo users are considered priority tickets and our support team will do their best to respond to you within two working days.*
  3. Tickets submitted by users of Nebo free version for iOS will generally be responded to within five working days although this may vary depending on demand or the nature of the assistance required. For this reason, Nebo users are encouraged to make full use of Nebo's support site. Here you will find step by step guides on everything Nebo related. 

We recommended that you refer to the support site before submitting a ticket. From supported languages, managing your notes, to tips and tricks on using the app's features and settings, the answer you are searching for may be just a few clicks a way

To submit a ticket, click on "My tickets" top of the page and fill in the form. The more precise information you will provide will allow us to help you in a faster way. Example: Nebo version, operating system version, device brand and model (RAM and chipset), pencil brand and model, description of the problem, an image or short video (less than 20MB) showing the problem will be very useful.

*Working days run between standard office hours (Central European Time), Monday to Friday.

**Please be aware that all communication with the support team is carried out solely via the ticketing system. We cannot provide support by email or telephone.

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