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Submitting a support ticket - Contact Support

Useful information in order to submit a support ticket, you will need to create a MyScript account if you do not already have one. See here for details: Setting up a MyScript account

What happens when you submit a ticket to Nebo support?

All tickets are assigned to our agents by a ticket filtration system (we cannot provide support by telephone) that prioritizes tickets according to a specific set of criteria: 

  1. Tickets concerning lost notes or a page that may have issues are considered high priority tickets and our support team will do their best to respond to these tickets as quickly as possible (remember to include the note with the problem in .nebo format)
  2. Tickets submitted by Nebo users are considered priority tickets and our support team will do their best to respond to you within three (3) working days*.
  3. Tickets submitted by users of Nebo free version for iOS and Android will generally be responded to within five (5) working days* although this may vary depending on demand or the nature of the assistance required. 

We advice referring to or searching the support site before submitting a ticket:

FAQ (Users' top questions), Quick start, Compatible devices, Nebo AI, Troubleshooting.

*Monday to Friday standard office hours (Central European Time)

Submit a New support ticket


i.  For assistance with payment, billing inquiries, or refunds, please reach out to the respective support channels: AppStore Support for Apple devices, Microsoft Store Support for Windows devices, and Google Play support for Android devices.

ii. We recommended that you refer to or search the support site before submitting a ticket. From managing your notes, to navigating the app's features and settings, the answer you are searching for could be just a few clicks away. This may be faster that waiting for the team to response to your support request.

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For technical support or specific Nebo-related inquiries, please click here: Submit a ticket

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