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Nebo 5.11 new free plan for Android - FAQ

General Questions

What changes have been made to Nebo on Android?

We've unlocked all Nebo's features for new users on Android – limited to 5 pages to try everything out. This means everyone can now:

  • Create unlimited notebooks and collections
  • Search all text (handwritten and typeset)
  • Create a personal dictionary of custom words
  • Access and share notes via private or public web links
  • Import Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files as PDFs, ready to annotate
  • Export content in a range of formats, including PDF and .docx

As we said, you'll be able to create 5 new pages to experience all that Nebo has to offer. To remove the five-page limit you will need to upgrade to the full app.

Using the free version of Nebo

I'm new to Nebo


How many pages can I create for free?

You can create 5 expandable pages to get a taste of everything the app can do. Give it a try!

Can I use cloud sync for free?

Cloud sync is only available with the full version of Nebo. If you want to sync your Nebo content to the cloud or across different devices, you can unlock cloud sync in-app with a one-time purchase that will also unlock unlimited page creation.

Why do I need a MyScript account to share content via a web link?

You need to sign in to a free MyScript account so that you can configure privacy settings and manage access to your content after it's published to the web.

I want to use Nebo on an compatible Android Smartphone and an Android Tablet. Do I need to pay twice?

No, you won't have to pay twice so long as you use the same Google ID to download and install Nebo on both devices.

Is it a subscription or a one-off purchase?  

Nebo's full version is a one-off purchase. If you're using the free version of Nebo and want to upgrade to unlimited pages, you just need to make a single in-app purchase. That's it! No subscriptions involved.

Are the 5 pages blank or with templates?

The 5 pages provided in the free version of Nebo are blank, so you can definitely use these pages for your own note-taking, and to get a feel for Nebo's full note-taking potential.

Is it 5 pages in total or 5 pages per notebook? 

It's 5 pages in total for the free version of Nebo. You can use these pages to try out everything the app has to offer. If you need more pages, you can always upgrade to the full version with a single in-app purchase!

“If I delete a page, do I get 1-page credit back”?

Sure! If you need to delete one of your 5 free Nebo pages, don't worry – you'll get a page back. Just remember to export the content as a .nebo file for future editing in Nebo or in formats like PDF, Word, text, PNG, or SVG to keep your valuable notes safe and sound. Happy organizing!

I'm using the free version 


How do I purchase Nebo's full version, I don't see anything on the Google Play Store?

After installing Nebo and completing the short setup process, access the sidebar menu and, on the Notebooks tab, select Unlock the full version.

Why change Nebo's free plan?

Nebo's new free plan is designed to grow our community by allowing more people to experience the app before committing to a purchase. This will put us in a stronger position to improve your note-taking experience and innovate new features. Our goal is to create the digital note-taking experience you want and deserve – and we believe the new free plan will help us achieve this.

I’m a student, can I get a discount?

Currently, there aren't any student discounts for Nebo – but the new free plan allows everyone to enjoy all the app's features in 5 free pages. Follow Nebo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don't miss out on future promotions and offers.

How can I get my notes out of Nebo for use in another app with the free version?

With the new free plan, you can export your Nebo content in a range of formats (including PDF, Word, text, PNG and SVG) – so it's easy to get your notes out of the app, ready for reuse elsewhere.

Is sync included in the free version?

Due to the resources needed to maintain Nebo's sync feature, it's only available as part of the full version of Nebo – which you can unlock via a one-time in-app purchase.

I have an Compatible Android Smartphone and a Android tablet, do I need to pay twice?

There's no need to pay twice: purchasing Nebo's full version on one device will make it available on any others where you install it using the same Google ID.

Can deleted content be recovered later?

In Nebo, users have the option to recover deleted content through the trash feature. Additionally they can restore notes using backups as another method of recovering their content. 

Paid for Nebo Android

I bought the Android app


What happens to users who previously purchased the Full app?

If you previously purchased the Nebo Android app you won’t see any difference – you’ll retain access to all features with no limits on the number of pages you can create.

Google Play is requesting payment for Nebo, despite my prior purchase of the app.

Sometimes, the Play store may not immediately update the purchase status of apps, leading toa request for payment again. Rest assured you will not double charged for an app that you own. Consider the following steps:

1. Reboot Your Device: Try restarting your device and relaunching the Play Store, as this often resolves the issue.

2. Clear Play Store Data: Navigate to Settings -> Apps, select Google Play Store, then choose Storage & Cache. Proceed to clear both storage and cache, forcing the Play Store to fetch the updated purchase status from the internet.

3. Re-Login to SSO Account: If you previously used a Single Sign-On (SSO) account and are currently in Guest mode (Nebo settings-> Account), log back in to restore your app purchase.

4. Same device you initially bought Nebo: Google play does not have a restore purchase option, you will need to re-install the app from your apps library. You can refer to the following Google article for guidance on how to do this:

Reinstall & re-enable apps

5. Different or New Android device:  if you're using a new Android device different from the one where the purchase was made, please Contact support (see below)

I bought Nebo iOS or Windows


Can I download or activate the full version of Nebo on Android if I have already purchased it for iOS or Windows? 

Please note that app purchases on Apple, Google, and Microsoft stores are platform specific. Buying Nebo on one store doe snot grant access on other platforms. We do not have control over this process. Nebo is a one-time purchased ap, not a subscription service.

Other questions

Additional questions relevant to new users


What features come with the new Nebo free plan?

The new free plan unlocks all Nebo's features – including unlimited notebooks, global search of handwriting and typed text, PDF import/export, PDF annotation and much more. If you're a user of the free version, you'll have 5 pages in which to enjoy everything Nebo can do – and can unlock unlimited pages and cloud sync with a one-time in-app purchase.

Does the free version allow PDF, Word, and PowerPoint annotation?

Yes, the free version of Nebo allows you to annotate PDF, Word and PowerPoint files imported as PDFs. An imported PDF counts as one of your 5 free pages, even if the PDF has multiple pages. To import more files or unlock more pages, you can upgrade to the full version of the app.

How many pages can I create on the new free plan?    

If you're a user of the free version of Nebo, you can create 5 expandable pages to get a taste of everything the app can do.

Does the in-app purchase unlock the full version?

Yes, you can upgrade to the full version of Nebo with a one-time in-app purchase. This will allow you to create unlimited pages and to sync your content to your preferred cloud storage service. After upgrading, you can install and enjoy the full version of Nebo on other compatible devices where you use the same Google ID.

Does the free plan include cloud sync or will I need to upgrade?

No, the free plan doesn't include cloud sync. This feature is only available to users of the full version.

Does the free version allow the export of content as Word or PDF files?

Yes, the free version of Nebo allows you to export your content in a range of formats, including PDF and .docx.

How do I share and view notes via web links in the new free plan?

Nebo lets you share and view content via web links, while retaining full access control. For more information on how to use this feature, see Create Link.

Contact support


What support channels are available for Nebo app questions or help?

For general inquiries or technical issues, you can contact our Support team via Contact support 

You can also visit our knowledge base to learn more about how to use the app.

The Nebo support team is also active on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to ensure you stay up-to-date on the latest news.

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