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How to use Nebo

On this page, you will find a step-by-step guide introducing you to Nebo and links to the relevant support articles to get you started and ensure you get the most out of the app.

Basic Interactions

Basic interactions are available in Nebo Documents that allow you to create and edit content effortlessly.
  1. Basic interactions
  2. Compatible pens
  3. Nebo ink gestures
  4. Create your first notebook
  5. Add a new page
  6. Nebo features by page type

Nebo Documents

Create structured, text-based content in Nebo Documents that are fully responsive and offer the world's most accurate write-to-text conversion.
  1. Nebo Documents
  2. Download recognition language 
  3. Write in Nebo
  4. Conversion preview
  5. Apply styles
  6. Edit converted text
  7. Adjusting vertical space

Nebo Notes

Write and draw freely with no constraints on placement or structure.
  1. Nebo Notes
  2. Creating a Note
  3. Creating a Note section

Imported PDFs

Import PDF files or Word and PowerPoint files into your Nebo notebooks as PDFs.
  1. Imported PDFs
  2. Importing and navigating PDFs
  3. Importing Word and PowerPoint as PDFs
  4. Annotating PDFs


Using a virtual or physical keyboard when note-taking.
  1. Keyboard
  2. Type in Nebo
  3. Mix keyboard and pen
  4. Edit with a keyboard


Adding a diagram object to a Nebo document.
  1. Diagrams
  2. Creating diagrams


Add a math object to a Nebo Document to make calculations and show your work as handwritten text or converted to typed font.
  1. Math
  2. Math objects
  3. Copy paste math into LaTeX editor

Manage pages

Quickly search your notebooks or organize your content within your Nebo library.
  1. Manage pages
  2. Move pages across notebooks
  3. Move notebooks across collections
  4. Create a new collection


Export your pages and publish them to the web so that you can easily share your content.
Copy handwritten or converted text from Nebo to any other app or paste from other apps into Nebo

  1. Share
  2. Export a notebook
  3. Export pages
  4. Export an imported PDF

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