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How to use Nebo

This page provides a step-by-step guide to Nebo and links to relevant support articles, ensuring you understand and maximize the app's potential.

Nebo's organizational structure has three (3) levels:

Collections (see this as a folder) then you have Notebooks, and inside the Notebooks you have pages.

A. Begin by creating a Collection: Create a new collection

B. Next, create a Notebook: Create your first notebook

C. Finally, create the pages inside your Notebook. Remember that Nebo has 3 kind of pages and each is designed to a specific use case.

Note page: 

This page functions as a canvas (board) for your thoughts and ideas. You can add handwritten notes, import images for annotation, and jot down unstructured notes ideas or thoughts. To convert your text to a digital format, utilize the lasso tool to select the text, triggering a pop-op menu with a 'convert' option. For perfect shapes, simply draw it keeping the pen on the screen to see how it becomes a perfect converted shape.

Please be aware that math recognition is unavailable on this page. Additionally, when you tap on the "+", you will be presented with the options to import an image either from the camera or the image library.

Export options includes PDF, PNG or SVG, or as Nebo file format.

Documents page: 

This page allows you to structure your handwritten notes (create structures notes). Here, you can add blocks of information based on their type - text, diagram, or math.

Double-tapping on the screen converts handwritten text into its digital equivalent.

Upon tapping on the "+", you will be presented with the options to import an image either from the camera or the image library as well with options to create blocks of sketching, diagram, math or note.

Export options includes Text, PDF, or DOCX (requires Word app for viewing), or you can email it. Or as Nebo file format.

Import PDF files:

You can import PDF documents for annotation. Highlight text, make handwritten annotations, convert handwriting and hand-drawn shapes within PDFs, and even use the keyboard for typing or dictating annotations.

Additional functions includes adding a white page between pages, moving pages up or down, deleting them.

Tapping a link within a PDF table of contents to jump to the associated location.

Annotated documents can be exported as PDF or a Nebo file format.

D. Now explore the Nebo's features by creating the page tailored to your needs to unlock Nebo's full potential.

Refer to the following table for a comprehensive overview of Nebo's features set. 

Basic Interactions

Basic interactions are available in Nebo Documents that allow you to create and edit content effortlessly.

Nebo Documents

Create structured, text-based content in Nebo Documents that are fully responsive and offer the world's most accurate write-to-text conversion.

Nebo Notes

Write and draw freely with no constraints on placement or structure.

Imported PDFs

Import PDF files or Word and PowerPoint files into your Nebo notebooks as PDFs.


Using a virtual or physical keyboard when note-taking.


Adding a diagram object to a Nebo document.


Add a math object to a Nebo Document to make calculations and show your work as handwritten text or converted to typed font.

Manage pages

Quickly search your notebooks or organize your content within your Nebo library.


Export your pages and publish them to the web so that you can easily share your content.
Copy handwritten or converted text from Nebo to any other app or paste from other apps into Nebo

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