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Frequently asked questions.

Whether you’re considering downloading Nebo for the first time or you’re an existing user looking for information, these tips and frequently asked questions will help you learn more about the app

Best practice 

  • We recommend regular backups of your valuable notes to your device or cloud storage. We do not store copies of your notes on our servers.
  • For optimal device and Nebo performance, split notes into manageable pages. Add more pages or start a new notebook to avoid overextending a single page.
  • Each page type is tailored for specific uses and note-taking styles. Choose and combine them consistently.

Users' top questions 

What is the latest Nebo version? 

I purchased Nebo on one platform and would like to download it for free on another OS.  How I can do this?  
  • Related questions: Do I need to pay for Nebo on each of my Devices? 

  • Solution => Read our article: purchasing Nebo

I can see a yellow or red content warning on my page  

I can see a yellow triangle, what should I do? Or the page I'm working on is not opening.

I accidentally deleted some of my notes. How do I recover it?  

I'm encountering an issue with Nebo. Can I uninstall and reinstall it? What are the implications of deleting the app?  

The Basics 

Do you provide a free-to-try version of Nebo for Windows devices? 
  • Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer a free-to-try version of Nebo on Windows. 

Can I write with my finger or a capacitive pen? 
  • The technology that underpins Nebo’s world-leading handwriting recognition supports: 

    - Passive pens (capacitive pens)

    - Active pens 

    Active pens provide the best user experience when writing in Nebo.  Read more about compatible pens.

  • You can handwrite with your finger (active pen disable mode) but the user experience is not optimal.

Will I need to use an Apple Pencil when using Nebo on my iPad? 

Which languages does Nebo support? 
  • Nebo supports two types of languages: interface language for app navigation and recognition language for note-writing..

    Currently, we support 11 interface languages and 66 recognition languages. Read more about language support.

Can I change the font style or page color? 
  • Page background color can be changed on Note pages, not on Document pages. While font styles can't be changed, text formatting, color writing, title differentiation, and highlighting are possible. Read more about text styles in Nebo. 

Can I use split view with Nebo? 
  • Split view is available on compatible devices, allowing note creation in Nebo alongside another app. However, you cannot open Nebo in both splits - it must be paired with a different app.

Does Nebo support drag-and-drop? 

Does Nebo support dark mode? 

Does Nebo install a handwriting keyboard I can use in other apps? 
  • Nebo doesn't provide a handwriting keyboard, and the app's installation doesn't allow handwriting input in other apps or the search bar field.

Supported devices 

Does Nebo work on iPhone or Mac? 
  • Nebo was primarily designed for iPads but is now available on all compatible Apple devices.  

    Nebo on iPhone is an invaluable tool to access and edit your notes created elsewhere, but there are some differences from the tablet version: Getting started with Nebo on iPhone.

    If you're interested in accessing your notes on your Mac with Apple silicon, you can learn more about Nebo for Mac M1 here

  • Nebo is compatible with Macs featuring Apple silicon chipsets. Macs with Intel chipsets have a distinct architecture and are not supported by Nebo.

Does Nebo work on Android phones? 
  • Nebo is available for some Android devices but isn’t fully compatible with all of them. You can use some Android phones to view your Nebo notes and create or edit text blocks using the keyboard. Read more about compatible Android devices.

Does Nebo work on ARM devices such as the Surface Pro X? 
  • Yes, Nebo 3.0 and superior versions for Windows are compatible with devices that run on 32-bit ARM architecture.

Does Nebo work on any version of Windows? 
  • No, Nebo requires Windows 10, OS build 16299.00 or higher.

Does Nebo work on any iPad or tablet? 
  • Nebo is only compatible with certain operating systems (OS) and devices. Please note that all compatible devices must have an active digitizer touchscreen and an associated active pen. Read more about compatible devices.

Payment and Multi-platform use 

If I buy Nebo, is this a one-time payment? 
  • Your purchase of Nebo is a one-time payment for all 5.x versions of the app (per operating system). This will give you access to all updates of 5.x versions of Nebo. 

  • 1 single payment on iOS to unlock access across your iPad, Mac M or iPhone.

  • 1 single payment on Android to unlock access across your Android compatible device (Smartphone, Tablet or Chromebook).

  • 1 single payment on Windows to unlock access across your Windows compatible devices. 

If I buy Nebo for my iPad, do I have to buy it again for my Android or Windows device? 
  • Nebo for iPad and Android are free to try with an in-app purchase for full access. Windows version require a one-time payment for download. As Apple, Microsoft, and Google are separate entities, they do not share licenses, which is beyond our control. Read more about purchasing Nebo.

If I buy Nebo for my iPad, can I share it with others in my Family Sharing circle? 
  • Nebo requires a unique MyScript account per user to manage notes and access full-version features, making it unsuitable for family sharing. The App Store's family sharing notification for Nebo is incorrect, and we've requested its removal from the App Store.

I cannot restore my Nebo purchase. What should I do? 
  • For iOS: to restore Nebo purchases or install Nebo on a new device, complete the installation process until the creation of the first notebook. After this, you can restore your purchase. Read more about restoring your purchase.

  • For Android: Google Play does not have a restore purchase option, you will need to re-install the app from your Library of apps. You can refer to the following Google article: Reinstall & re-enable apps.  

I paid already for the app. I don't see how to download the app. The store wants me to pay again. What should I do? 
  • If you pay already for the app, be sure you are logged  with the same ID you used the first time you bought the app.

  • Apple Store: Go to Nebo settings then account and you will see an option "Restore purchases" click on this and you will recover your paid app.

            Restoring your Nebo purchase
  • Windows and Android: Go to your library apps and download from there Nebo on the store
            Google article: Reinstall and re-enable apps from Google Play.
            Microsoft article:  Reinstall apps from Microsoft Store.

Sync, back up, recover 

Can I sync my notes with the cloud? 
  • Sync notes between devices using iCloud (iOS only), Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a free MyScript account. Nebo is set to auto-sync as standard to keep your notes always up-to-date across all your devices. You can switch it off in Settings to revert to manual sync. Read more about syncing

Can I sync across multiple devices? 
  • To sync notes across devices, install Nebo and sign in to your MyScript account and preferred cloud storage on each device. For syncing between iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, or Windows devices, download Nebo from each operating system's app store.

     Read more about syncing.

Can I back up my notes? 
  • Yes, you can back up your entire library via the Backup option in the Settings menu of Nebo. We recommend backing up your library regularly to protect your content. Read more about backing up

I accidentally deleted a page, or worse, an entire collection instead of one notebook. How to recover? 

Importing and exporting 

Can I import PDFs into Nebo?

Can I export my notes? 

Yes, you can export your notes, depending on the kind of page you are working you can export as follow:

  • from a Note page => PNG, SGV, PDF or .nebo format.
  • from a Document page => Text, PDF, .docx format (Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs), .nebo format.
  • from a PDF file => PDF or .nebo format 
 Read more about exporting content

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Stuck in Nebo 


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