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Frequently asked questions.

Whether you’re considering downloading Nebo for the first time or you’re an existing user looking for information, these tips and frequently asked questions will help you learn more about the app.

Best practice 

  • We know your notes are valuable, so we recommend that you make regular backups to your device or to a cloud storage service. We do not keep copies of your notes on our servers.
  • To ensure the best possible performance from your device and Nebo, divide your notes into manageable pages. You can always add additional pages or create a new notebook to prevent a single page from getting too long.
  • Nebo offers enhanced conversion and editing capabilities by assigning specific functions to objects you can insert in your notes. For example, a diagram object is designed for creating diagrams, flow charts, and similar, while a sketch object is designed for free drawing. To get the best out of Nebo, use each object to create only the content for which it was designed. For example, use a diagram object to create mind maps or schematics, not regular text or drawings.

The Basics 

Do you provide a trial version of Nebo for Android or Windows devices? 

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer a Nebo trial on either the Windows or Android platforms.

Can I write with my finger or a capacitive pen? 

The technology that underpins Nebo’s world-leading handwriting recognition supports: 

- Passive pens (capacitive pens)

- Active pens 

Active pens provide the best user experience when writing in Nebo.  Read more about compatible pens.

Will I need to use an Apple Pencil when using Nebo on my iPad? 

Nebo works great with the Apple Pencil, but there are many active and passive pens on the market that are compatible with the Apple Pencil protocol – and therefore with Nebo. Read more about compatible pens.

Which languages does Nebo support?
In Nebo, there are two types of supported language. The interface language is used for app navigation, menus, and buttons, while the recognition language is the one you use to write your notes.

Currently, we support 11 interface languages and 66 recognition languages. Read more about language support.

Can I change the font style or page color?
Not at this time, but you can easily format text, write in different colors, differentiate titles and subtitles, and highlight words or sentences. Read more about text styles in Nebo

Can I use split view with Nebo? 

Yes, you can use split view if this feature is available on your device. In split view, you can create notes in Nebo while browsing the internet or using another app but you cannot open Nebo twice.

Does Nebo support drag-and-drop? 

At this time, Nebo only supports the drag and drop of elements such as text blocks and objects (within pages) or pages (in Grid view). However, you can copy and paste text or images from other apps into Nebo, and copy and paste all your Nebo content into other apps. Read more about copying and pasting content in Nebo.

Does Nebo support dark mode? 

At present, there is no dark mode setting within the app, but on some devices, you can achieve a dark mode effect by adjusting the display settings. Read more about display settings.

Does Nebo install a handwriting keyboard I can use in other apps? 

Nebo doesn’t install a handwriting keyboard, and installing Nebo won’t enable you to use handwriting as an input in other apps. 

Supported devices 

Does Nebo work on iPhone or Mac? 

Nebo works great on iPad and is available for Mac devices running the M1 chipset.  

If you want to access your notes on your iPhone you can use the Nebo Viewer for iPhone: Read more about Nebo Viewer for iPhone.

If you want to access your notes on your Mac M1 device for syncing and making keyboard edits: Read more about Nebo for Mac M1.

Does Nebo work on Android phones? 

Nebo is available for some Android devices but isn’t fully compatible with all of them. You can use some Android phones to view your Nebo notes and create or edit text blocks using the keyboard. Read more about compatible Android devices.

Does Nebo work on ARM devices such as the Surface Pro X?

Yes, Nebo 2.7 for Windows is compatible with devices that run on 32-bit ARM architecture.

Does Nebo work on any version of Windows?

No, Nebo requires Windows 10, OS build 16299.00 or higher.

Does Nebo work on any iPad or tablet? 

Nebo is only compatible with certain operating systems (OS) and devices. Please note that all compatible devices must have an active digitizer touchscreen and an associated active pen. Read more about compatible devices.

Payment and Multi-platform use 

If I buy Nebo, is this a one-time payment?

Your purchase of Nebo is a one-time payment for all 3.x versions of the app (per operating system). This will give you access to all updates of 3.x versions of Nebo. This does not cover in-app purchases on the iOS platform, which will also require a one-time payment.

If I buy Nebo for my iPad, do I have to buy it again for my Android or Windows device? 

Nebo for iPad is free to download, with Nebo feature packs available to purchase in-app. Nebo for Android and Windows devices is available to download in the relevant app stores for a one-time payment. Read more about purchasing Nebo.

If I buy Nebo for my iPad, can I share it with others in my Family Sharing circle? 

Nebo requires that individual users set up a unique MyScript account in order to manage their personal notes and in order to access the various in-app purchases. This means that Nebo is cannot be used with family sharing. The App Store states that Nebo is suitable for Family sharing but this notification is incorrect. We have asked the App Store to remove this.

I cannot restore my Nebo purchase. What should I do?

Sometimes it may be necessary to restore your Nebo purchase or install Nebo on a new device. When you do this, it is important to follow the installation process through to the creation of a first notebook. After this you will be able to restore your purchase. Read more about restoring your purchase.

Syncing and backing up 

Can I sync my notes with the cloud?

Yes, you can sync your entire library with your preferred cloud storage service via the Notebooks sidebar in Nebo. To reduce the chance of accidentally overwriting your notes, Nebo won’t sync automatically. Read more about syncing.

Can I sync across multiple devices?
Yes, just ensure that Nebo is installed on the necessary devices and that you are signed in to both your MyScript account and your preferred cloud storage service on each device.

If you plan to sync notes between iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, and/or Windows devices, you’ll need to download Nebo from each operating system’s associated app store. Read more about syncing.

Can I back up my notes?
Yes, you can back up your entire library via the Backup option in the Settings menu of Nebo. We recommend backing up your library regularly to protect your content. Read more about backing up

Importing and exporting 

Can I import PDFs into Nebo?
Yes, you can import PDFs into Nebo for markups and annotations. Read more about importing PDFs

Can I export my notes? 

Yes, you can export notes in Text, Word, and PDF formats. Exporting notes to Word requires Windows 7 or higher. Read more about exporting content.

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